What is the process if I sell you my house?

We try and make it as easy as possible. Simply call us or fill out the form below to tell us about your property.  After reviewing your property information, we can make you an offer to purchase.   At that point you can make a decision on whether to accept the offer. If you accept we handle the closing process and buy your house.

Do you charge fees?
No. We will never charge you any fee.  We will present you with a no obligation offer. If you accept the offer, we buy your house. If you do not accept the offer it doesn’t cost you anything.

Do You Pay Full Price?
If you are not able to sell your house in today’s market, how could we?  Due to the risk of buying property in todays market, we make cash offers at a discount.   There are many factors including condition, market timing, cost of repairs and the potential of the market continuing to decline.  We do believe that our offers  are very fair and relative to each house’s unique situation and condition.

When can you make me an offer?
Typically within one business day.

I’m in Foreclosure … can you help?
We will certainly try to provide a solution for the situation. Remember, with foreclosure the faster you act the more options you have.

What if my house needs a lot of repairs?
No Problem!  We purchase homes that are in good condition, as well as fixer upper properties.

Am I under any obligation?

No, there is absolutely no obligation. We will make you an offer quickly and you can either accept or reject it.

OK, I’m ready to sell my house!

Great! Complete this form and we’ll get started!

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